Sample Sites
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Winnipeg Commercial Cleaners The Full Service Clean Crew
Take Time Cleaning Maid Service Winnipeg
Devils Gap Marina
Keystone Lock & Safe
Northern Sounds & Systems KMTS
Curtis Ultra Clean Mattress Cleaners
Cleantech Carpet Cleaners
Ozone Kenora
Normal Village Montessori
Larry's Jewellers
Golden Eagle Casino
Nibblers Nook
Custom Carpet Sales
Elite Sports
WSL Sport & Leisure
MPH Racing
Smitty's Auto Body
Tims Paint
Jarnel Contracting
Fergies Corner
Docks and Lifts
SweetWater Bistro
Rock N Tile
Cartridge Source
Diocese of Keewatin
Nestor Falls Bait & Tackle
Carols Minaki Cabins
C&C Husky -Kenora
Perch Bay Resort
Hideaway Outfitters


Our Tools

We've compiled a page of our tools to demonstrate our commitment to using leading edge software and hardware to develop state-of-the-art solutions for your next project. Take a minute and peruse the toolbox. You can see these software packages in use by clicking the links on our Portfolio page.  

Database Software

At Business Information & Development, we believe in using open source software when possible. Thousands of developers worldwide work tirelessly to improve open source software. The exchange of ideas and knowledge that takes place when products are made freely available allows the software to grow exponentially. For this reason, we've chosen to use MYSQL for the majority of our database driven software solutions.

The large support base, wide distribution and scaleability of MYSQL provides excellent results, speed, portability and reliability. Any sized business interested in developing a website that has changing content, news, catalogs, classifieds, photo galleries or any other information that need to be stored, sorted or searched and used on the web is well suited to MYSQL database software.

We have SQL ASP development capabilities as well.


Programming Software

Our developers are using HTML, Java, Flash, and PHP to make scripts that are able to transfer information from the web to our databases and back again. PHP serves as a critical part of the form and function for all of our websites.

Since PHP is also an open source based product, we are able to take advanatage of the thousands and thousands of software solutions that are being developed at little cost compared to other solutions. This model of web development allows us to pass lower prices and full functionallity on to our clients. There are many other advantages to using PHP that you can read about at PHP.net .


Graphics Software

Adobe Family

We enjoy using the Adobe Family of software for their absolute reliability and feaures. Adobe Photoshop 7 is the most supported graphics and image editing software on the market. We also use Illustrator 10 for some of our graphics work.

Recently, we've added Adobe's Page Maker to our lineup. PageMaker software is ideal for brochure, stationary and flyer publications.

We have a graphics design department that can create just about anything graphical that your company needs; letterhead, business cards, flyers, banner ads, we do them all. Contact Us for your free quotes today.

Corel Family

Many graphic artists choose Corel Draw for their canvas. We found several Corel Vector Graphics based products that do an excellent job at specific tasks when it comes to web desgin.

The Xara 3D software is a very specific tool for creating simple vector based text and light animations. A nice addition to the toolbox since the function of the software is very specific and the results are very high quality. This duplicates many of the features found in other software that we use but the results can be obtained in a much quicker manner.

The Xara Menu Maker is a simple piece of software with a very specific function. We rarely use the templates that they include but the concepts and html that the software generates are fantastic. Another very specific tool for creating Java, HTML and DHTML menus.
The Xara Webstyle 4 Series of software fits the budget when we need a simple low cost site built. Their template approach to building graphics makes quick work of producing high quality graphics for sites. Xara has produced a great product that is easy to use but still allows for maximum flexibility high quality output.
The XaraX Package is one of my favorite graphic programs. It's simple design had me producing high quality graphics in a matter of minutes.

Macromedia Family

No developer's toolbox would be complete without the MX studio series of products from Macromedia. We use Fireworks regularily to produce excellent graphical output for the web. Currently we develop Flash menus from scratch and Flash sites from templates. There are literally thousands of great templates for Flash out there and we would be happy to show you some that will meet your needs.


Hardware Solutions

We run Intel processors in both our servers and our workstations. Our servers all use redundant SCSI arrays and daily tape backups for failsafe operation and excellent uptime. Off location backups are also completed daily.

Our company has an ongoing commitment to keep all of our hardware recent to within a fourteen month technology window. Once our publishing and design equipment reaches a twelve month "use cycle", it gets scheduled for replacement. We currently run Pentium IV 2.5ghz workstations or faster with one gig of ram and over two hundred gigs of hard drive space each with twenty-one inch monitors. Using this caliber equipment insures data reliability, fast performance and little or no downtime related to equipment failure.

Our "Only The Best Will Do" approach to hardware use means that your webites are built faster, perform faster, and look nicer.


Server Software

You will notice that we run both Apache-Unix and Windows servers. This ensures that we have the ability to meet your needs regardless of the development platform that you choose. We can tailor your hosting solution to your needs.





If you have any questions about our hardware or software, or would like to discuss your new web solution in greater detail, you can call us anytime at 1-807-468-6581 or you can use our Help Desk to contact us.

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